Luxury rides with a style

If you are looking for luxury, reliable and comfortable transport in the form of classy limousines, yachts or jet carters for your special occasions or vacations, we are highly professional partner to lean on.

Our Services

Limousine rent

Whether you need a limo drive from airport or rented limousine for your special occasion, for you or up to 20 additional passengers, we’ll provide it for local or distant drives.

Yachts rent

Attractive touristic adventure for your vacation or partying with friends. Our offer includes from small motor boats to multi-motor yachts with full equipment, hired skipper if needed and administrative regulations completed.

Jet charters

Short and middle – distance flights organized for particular individual purpose, led by professional, educated, trained and reliable crew via safe and modern charter jets.



    The nature of my job includes frequent meeting with various foreign business partners. I rely on services of this company to provide me with limousine ride from airport every time I meet my colleagues.

    Dennise King

    Our wedding day was exquisite partially thanx to these great guys and their classy limo that drove us to church. They provided all the required accessories, including rolled red carpet.

    Robert Gill

    Last summer my family decided to rent a yacht and spend vacation cruising down some beautiful bays. We were delighted with convenient, safe yacht model and memorable ride these guys provided us with.

    Juli Smith

    My music bend occasionally travels to distant tours in regional places and we’re always taking our gear with us. Recently we started renting jet charters from these guys to take us to concerts and plan becoming their regular clients.

    John Pullie

Our Goals

We are constantly striving to expand our list of services, assortment of limousine, yachts and charter models and the region we cover with our services. We also come up with additional packages and offers for vacations and special occasions by including various other services along with the ride.

About Our Blog

Our blog is dedicated to providing various useful and interesting information regarding our services. Here you will find out about our limousine collection, yachts models and jet charters, as well as about destinations we recommend, advices on various occasions when renting these vehicles and many more interesting stories you might use prior renting.

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