C-22 Mast Gates

by Phil Agur


I saw my first set of mast gates on a Fleet 4 C-22 simply named BOAT. The list of owner modifications to BOAT, owned by Doc & Barbara Thompson,  is nearly endless (i.e. inboard motor well, companionway doors, etc.) but let's start simple and work up.

Mast Gates, in combination with sail slides, allow single line reefing to be executed from the cockpit. This eliminates the trip to the mast to move that one sail slug past the stopper. This is a custom fit item for Catalina 22s, as the mast slot length is said to vary in length within C-22 models.

The mast gates are made from aluminum carpet edge molding sold in your local hardware store. Cut two lengths of molding a 1/4 inch longer than the slot in the mast. Next use a file to remove burrs and fit the nose to final length. Using pliers (and several small steps) carefully form the over nose bead over so it matches the mast slot edge. Drill & Tap the mast for 10-24 screws. Mount as shown.
  Heavy Air Sailing Tips

I’m often asked why we don’t have basic sailing skills or sailing familiarization course available for members. The answer to that question is one part legal and one part time. 1) There is a well-founded concern that a teaching or curriculum error in a formal sailing course may establish a liability if a student is injured after taking the course. 2) Time, who's got enough these days. There are many fine sailing schools on SF Bay, as well as, schools locally like CSUS on Nimbus or Martin's ASA Sailing School on Folsom Lake. If you need basic skills training take the course.

Here's some free tips could prove helpful to anyone on a C-22's helm.

The Rig . . .

Even among the C-22 One Design Racing Fleet, we are not all rigged the same. A stock C-22, especially a used one, often is missing some of the controls that allow the C-22 racer to make the boat perform (safely) over a broader range of conditions.

Some special old style issues . . .

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At The Helm . . .

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