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Whether it’s land, water or air transport, we provide luxury, reliably and comfortable ride. Our company was founded two decades ago as a limousine renting company that operated locally. Over the years, we’ve expanded the scope of our services and the region we cover. Currently. We are leading company in rentals industry providing luxury cars and limousine rentals, yachts and charter flights. High standards of quality is our main policy along with the clients’ satisfaction. Therefor, we provide powerful and safe vehicles, wide assortment of models, flexible schedules, services available 24-7, high standard of commodity and experienced, professional stuff. Also, whether you need a limo for your wedding day, charter organized immediately for distant travel or yacht for your vacation, our stuff deals with administrative aspects of the process, including licenses, taxes and insurances. You will find traveling with us comfortable, convenient, smooth and pleasant by itself.

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