One Design Profile:

by Phil Agur


The Catalina 270 was unveiled in December 1992, replacing the C-27 and won one of Cruising World Magazine's "Boat of the Year" awards soon thereafter. 

          The C270 is what you would expect from Catalina Yachts with all their C27 experiences folded back into the design process. The C270 was the first of the new integral grid construction designs eliminating the forward bulkhead and carry rigging loads via SS rods directly down to the hull grid joint. The result is an expansive cabin and a stiff hull. The C270 led off the 320, 400, 380, 470, 310, and 390 models using the integral hull grid construction design.

          The rig is a thoroughly updated double spreader set of ISOMAT spars. The shrouds tuck in tight and attach to the cabin top which provides an uncluttered walk way forward and a very narrow sheeting angle. This boat has a wide sailing groove and just loves to move. Often our wheel pilot is returned to standby after a heading and sail trim is established. She'll self steer on the wind for hours just because she's in her groove. Ease the sails a bit she falls off, sheet in and she comes ups and all the while the wheel is locked.